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Know when and how to Attack, Defend, Outflank or Bug Out? Let MindWars analyse your situation and recommend how to play it strategically.

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Situation Analysis

Forget the hype fed to the sales force or the spin thrown at your competition - establish the facts. Understanding the reality of your situation is the foundation of a successful marketing campaign.

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Defensive Marketing

If your brand is #1, you’re on defense. We can advise whether to attack yourself, strike back, or grow the market you already dominate.

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Offensive Marketing

If you’re number 2 or 3 in the market, you’re on offense. You’ve got to focus on the number one’s strenghs to find their weakness and attack it.

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Flanking Marketing

When your brand's not on the radar in the mind of your market, it's time to create a new market segment or niche.

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Guerilla Marketing

If your brand doesn’t rank in the top five for your market, it’s time to try adopting guerilla marketing tactics.

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