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If your brand doesn’t rank in the top five for your market, it’s time to try adopting guerilla marketing tactics.

Guerilla Marketing Options

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Geographic Attack

Become a local and win your marketing battle with a little local knowledge and focus.

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Demographic Attack

Make your mark by appealing to a specific segment of the population, segmented by: age, income, or occupation.

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Industry Attack

Don’t flog your products or services to just anyone. Meet the needs of a specific industry in ways narrower and deeper than anybody else does.

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Product Attack

Get noticed by concentrating on smaller markets with unique one-of-a-kind products that the big players let slip under the radar.

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High-End Attack

High end attacks create visibility and a mystique about your product that low-priced me-too’s can never own.

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Allied Attack

Instead of fighting your neighbour, sometimes it pays to join forces and promote the common values of your product, region, or demographic specialty together.

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Psychographic Attack

Make your mark by focussing on an unfulfilled part of the market differentiated by a particular psychographic profile, lifestyle or set of values. Contact MindWars for more information.

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Subconscious Attack

Using motigraphics® to identify which non-conscious motivations apply to your market and how powerfully, tailor your approach to meeting the needs of those whose non-conscious motivations are currently unfulfilled. Contact MindWars for more information.

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