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Product Sampling, Media Publicity and Sales Promotions are handy weapons in the fight for market share.

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Product Sampling

If you’ve got a great product, instore sampling is an excellent way of generating trial or encouraging brand switching.

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Publicity Generators

Call it sexist or crazy, but posing with attractive models or doing crazy stunts like Virgin’s Richard Branson do get the attention of the media and can add a fortune in free exposure.

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Consumer Promotion

Consumers love them and the trade often demand them. Consumer Promotions are a great way to maintain loyalty and induce brand switching.

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Trade Promotion

Getting the trade onside is an important element of any marketing campaign. And Trade Promotions are the answer to the inevitable W.I.F.M. question.

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Launches & Exhibitions

Trade Launches & Exhibitions are a good move for kicking off a campaign, building brand image and creating industry cachet.

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