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Consumers love them and the trade often demand them. Consumer Promotions are a great way to maintain loyalty and induce brand switching.

Consumer Promotion Options

Cashback Offers image

Cashback Offers

Need to react fast? Cashback offers are a great way to maximise sales in the short term.

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On Pack Premiums image

On Pack Premiums

Encourage trial and increased consumption with on-pack premiums like these finger puppets for Ideal Dairy’s Crazy Snack.

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Collect & Win image

Collect & Win

Increase purchase frequency with a reward only redeemable by collecting enough product barcodes, stamps or coupons.

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Media Collaboration image

Media Collaboration

Increase your brands exposure by asking MindWars to get you involved with the right media promotions for your brand.

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Product Sampling image

Product Sampling

The classic “Try it, you’ll like it” approach is a tried and true method for overcoming reluctance to buy a new brand.

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Bonus Offers image

Bonus Offers

Bonus offers like this Allowrie jam in a “Bonus Glass Tumbler” can give your product an edge in the market.

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Multipacks image


Packaging multiple SKU’s into the one easy to select pack (preferably discounted) can quickly add volume to your sales figures.

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Trial Inducer image

Trial Inducer

Trial-inducing-promotions can be developed that encourage consumers to identify, buy and trial other products marketed by your company, adding them to their repertoire as they go.

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Buy Now Pay Later image

Buy Now Pay Later

Sales Promotions based around deferred payments are a successful way to generate sales, especially for higher priced items. And Yes, we can help arrange the whole deal including finance providers.

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Interest Free Terms image

Interest Free Terms

Sales Promotions based around interest free terms are a successful way of generating sales, especially for higher priced items. And Yes, we can help arrange the whole deal including finance providers.

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Scratchies image


Sratch’N’Win promotions, especially with instantly redeemable prizes have proved popular with shoppers.

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Skill Contest image

Skill Contest

Consumr Promotions that reward consumers for their skill such as this coloring-in contest are faster and easier to launch than those that rely on chance.

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Community Builder image

Community Builder

Actively helping your community can often be a great way of helping your brand.

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Cause Helper image

Cause Helper

Getting your brand involved in helping a good cause can go a long way towards endearing your brand to those who know.

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Loyalty Rewarder image

Loyalty Rewarder

Rewarding your customers for long term loyalty is a great defensive strategy. It needn’t be expensive. A collectable series of cards or a redeemable gift that encourages increased consumption are great stand bys.

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Feedback Feeder image

Feedback Feeder

A consumer promotion that rewards customers for their feedback or other ideas or suggestions can be invaluable.

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Special Event image

Special Event

To build loyalty, consider treating your loyal brand users with a sneak preview of a new show or invite them to a special sales or concert event that they have to qualify for.

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Surprise Sweetener image

Surprise Sweetener

Surprise your customers with a reward that they find out about only after they have purchased. This is a great way to encourage new customers to give referrals

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Family Affair image

Family Affair

To build a better and longer lasting relationship, consider promotions that benefit the whole family, not just the main buyer of your brand.

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Open House image

Open House

An open house or tour of your store or plant can be a much welcomed way of promoting your brand values. Cadbury Chocolate’s much loved factory tour in Tasmania is a prime example.

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World Record Maker image

World Record Maker

You don’t have to risk life and limb to set a world record and be noticed like Richard Branson of Virgin does, but it helps. If you’ve got the drive, we can help get you or your brand famous.

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Customer Recognition image

Customer Recognition

It’s an old maxim that praise and recognition are humans two biggest cravings. A special promotion that recognises your most extraordinary or especially loyal customers can generate pubicity and loyalty for your brand.

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