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MindWars® is here to help you and your brand be the best you can.

Our Philosophies

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We’re here for you

MindWars exists to help you achieve your goals, however modest or ambitious they may be for both yourself and the brand you represent.

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Media Neutral Solutions

We’re committed to offering media neutral solutions, because to do anything else makes you a salesperson instead of a trusted advisor.

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Integrated Approach

Our commitment to media neutral solutions means we offer an integrated approach to marketing communication and design. If it’s the right thing to do, we’ll advise you to fix your catalogues before running a TV campaign or vice verca. Specialists can’t be relied on to be that independant.

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Proprietary Systems

Our commitment to doing things right, means if we can see a better way of doing things, we’ll develop it.

We’ve developed extensive, unique management systems, including: Find-N-File™, Processes-N-Progress™, Review-N-Report™, First-Things-First™, dbCatalogues™.

In addition to the above inhouse systems, MindWars offers exclusive Australasian access to Motigraphics™.

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Problem Solving

We enjoy solving your problems and take the attitude that crisis creates opportunity. Some of our most rewarding work has come out of our clients biggest challenges.

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Embracing Scientific Method

We embrace the scientific method for it’s ability to identify what works and what doesn’t. We seek to absorb and apply the latest scientific findings into our work for you wherever we can.

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Tools for all

MindWars is committed to providing access to its unique set of skills and tools for all marketers interested in getting it right. All we ask is a fair return for our time and a shared passion for doing things well.

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