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Anything that reaches consumers with your brand on it should be designed to communicate with the same familiar voice, look and feel.

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It all starts here. Designing a marketable advantage into your product or service in the first place can make everything else easier. Contact MindWars for more information.

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Pack design can’t be underestimated. It fights on the front line for buyers attention. Cick this link to our more detailed Packaging section for more information.

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Logos & Trademarks

You only get one chance to make a good first impression so get a logo that works as hard for your business as you do. Contact MindWars for more information.

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Brochures are silent salesperson, connecting with potential customers in times and places your living sales people can’t or wont. Contact MindWars for more information.

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Sales Collateral

Some sales people can get by with a cheeky grin and the gift of the gab. Most can’t. Give all of your sales people the tools they need to be great. Contact MindWars for more information.

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Get a big net. Use catalogues to promote your entire range and maximise your sales potential. Contact MindWars for more information.

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Point of Sale

They’re in the store. They have their wallets. They’re ready to buy. Why wouldn’t you want to be there pushing your brand with great point of sale? Contact MindWars for more information.

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Interactive Multimedia

Revolutionise how your present your product using interactive multimedia tools adaptable for use on PC, in Kiosk mode, or at home on the DVD player. Contact MindWars for more information.

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Web Sites

Websites work 24/7, never ask for pay rises and are patient with your customers. Who wouldn’t want one? Contact MindWars for more information.

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Corporate Identity

More than just a logo, a Corporate Identity program ensures the right corporate image is projected across all items consumers or stakeholders come across.

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Direct Mail

Want leads? Direct mail can help. Messages can be personalised, targets defined, and results quantified. Contact MindWars for more information.

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Door Openers

The more senior your targets, the more inventive you need to be to be welcomed through the door. A MindWars Door Opener will wow your prospect and secure that vital first appointment.

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Presentation Folders

Presentation Folders tell your prospect that you’re a player and you’re taking them seriously.

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PowerPoint Presentations

A must in the modern board room. Anyone can do one but few do them well. Good design seperates the ‘awesome’ from the ‘ho hum’.

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Display Stands

Display Stands can have a big impact on sales. Do them right and watch your sales take off.

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Create a buzz for your next event with an invitation that makes a huge impact on the receiver.

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Make sure your team members are reinforcing your brand with a uniform that enhances your brand or team image.

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Maintain or build your Brand credentials with a stand at relevant trade and consumer exhibitions.

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Store Design

Make sure the instore experience matches or enhances the brand personality you are trying to project.

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