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More than just a logo, a Corporate Identity program ensures the right corporate image is projected across all items consumers or stakeholders come across.

Corporate Identity Options

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Corporate ID Audit

Without auditing, your corporate image can become fragmented and disjointed.

Contact MindWars for more information on auditing your organisations corporate identity.

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Corporate Pursuit

Provides the essential foundations of any corporate identity: a great logo, letterhead and business cards.

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Corporate Impressions

Corporate Impressions Package offers you a great logo, and a co-ordinated set of business stationery and forms to suit most small to medium businesses.

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Corporate Excellence Package

The complete corporate identity system. A specification manual covers all brand communication items to ensure staff and suppliers know what’s required.

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Corporate Umbella ID System

To identify your sub brands under the one global banner, contact MindWars for a situation appraisal and estimate.

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