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Giving Leggos a leg up

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MindWars has helped Leggo’s advertise its centenary, revamp its packaging, launch new products, and promote the entire range at both trade and consumer levels.

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100 year celebrations

To get the trade on side for Leggo’s centenary year, Leggo’s asked MindWars to help kick the party off.

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Tomato Paste Cashback

Due to an increase in competitive activity, Leggo’s asked MindWars to run this cashback promotion as a defensive tactic to discourage negative brand switching.

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Pesto Packaging

MindWars was commissioned by Leggos to develop jar labels to complement Pestos (then) unique square jar shape.

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Pesto Trade Ad image

Pesto Trade Ad

To get the trade on side, MindWars designed and ran this ad throughout the trade magazines prior to Pestos launch.

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Pesto Recipe Slips image

Pesto Recipe Slips

To encourage trial and educate consumers about new Pesto, a series of recipe slips such as this were produced by MindWars for each of the 3 flavours launched.

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