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MindWars has helped IXL to assert its leadership in the Fruit Spreads market with new product launches, brochures, packaging and promotions.

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New Tubs Launch

When IXL launched their innovative new range of conserves in reusable plastic containers, MindWars was commissioned to help.

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Collectables Launch

When IXL launched its range of jam for kids in a series of collectable glass tumblers with popular animated characters, MindWars was asked to help with the: launch; sample kits; sales presenters, and consumer promotions.

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Point of Sale

To promote IXL Collectables new range of Disney character glasses, MindWars developed some striking Point of Sale to highlight the new range.

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MindWars developed this appetising brochure on behalf of IXL to promote their premium range of fruit conserves.

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When IXL decided to develop a “Back to school” pack full of their delicious fruit bars in a handy reusable Lunch Box, MindWars was given the job of putting this package together.

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100% Bliss Promotion

To support IXL’s 100% Fruit range MindWars developed and ran this 100% Bliss promotion through selected key accounts.

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Collectables Promotions

With every new series of character glasses, MindWars would run an instore promotion such as this “Win A Trip to Disneyland” one for the new Snow White range of IXL Collectables Jam.

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IXL Trade Promotions

In a tactical response to competitive activity, MindWars designed and ran a trade promotion offering retailers scratchies that could win a large amount of cash as well as instantly redeemable cash rewards.

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