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Helping Greenseas Grow The Market

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What do you do when you’re already number 1 and enjoying a healthy price premium over your competitors? Ask MindWars to help you grow the market through product innovation.

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Flavoured Tuna Packaging and Sample Pack image

Flavoured Tuna Packaging and Sample Pack

For its new range of flavoured Tuna varieties, Packaging was developed to promote appetite appeal, highlight the flavours, and retain the Greenseas brand image.

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Flavoured Tuna Sales Presenter image

Flavoured Tuna Sales Presenter

Along with advertising, sales presenters were developed to promote the new flavoured tuna range to the trade with the heading “To attract more customers, just add flavour”.

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Tuna Lunch Kit Packaging image

Tuna Lunch Kit Packaging

When Greenseas wanted to grab a share of the out-of-home lunch market, it turned to MindWars to help it develop the Tuna Lunch Kit, shown here in prototype form.

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