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About Advanced Brand Imaging

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For marketers beyond the basics, this five faceted model for evaluating brands has become popular. It demonstrates how your brand image is constructed, how the facets relate to each other, and which aspect offers you the competitive edge.

Advanced Brand Imaging Options

User Image image

User Image

By accessing consumers perceptions of your brands typical user and how they relate to that image we can learn a lot about your brands image and the effectiveness of its communications to date. Contact MindWars for more information.

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Occasion Image image

Occasion Image

Using visual stimuli to access the emotional side of the brain, discover what perceptions consumers have about the when, where, how and why your brand is eaten, drunk, consumed or used and how they impact on your brands competitiveness.

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Product Image image

Product Image

Not to be confused with brand image, Product Image Research documents the functional performance ratings of competitive products or services. Contact MindWars for more information.

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Brand Personality image

Brand Personality

Using projective psychological techniques, discovering your Brands perceived Personality often reveals the subtle differences between your brand and its competitors. Contact MindWars for more information.

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Brand Salience image

Brand Salience

Discover whether your target audience feels close to or distant from your brand and how important it is or could be to them. Contact MindWars for more information.

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